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WMUDaventon's WMU meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00PM in the social hall.

Founded in 1888, the main purpose of WMU is to educate and involve preschoolers, children, youth, and adults in the cause of Christian missions.

WMU enable every member of the church to learn about missions, become involved in missions, and live a missional lifestyle. WMU offers many opportunities to fulfill the six areas of missions focus that are at the heart of missions education.

Through WMU adults, students, children, and preschoolers learn about the work and needs of missionaries. There are opportunities to participate personally in missions projects as well as develop a missions lifestyle—something for everyone.

What Can WMU Do for Me?
• WMU creates an environment to hear and understand God’s call and receive nurturing in that call.
• WMU creates an awareness and sensitivity toward people of other cultures and languages as people whom God loves.
• Churches with WMU are more likely to have a more actively involved laity in all areas of church missions and ministry.*
• WMU leads people to experience missions personally through ministry and witness.
• WMU develops leaders for missions efforts among all age groups.
• WMU begins at the birth of a child, teaching her or him about God’s great love for all people.
• The activities of those involved in WMU help a church fulfill its mission.
• WMU helps a church stay focused on the commission Jesus gave His followers.
• WMU creates a window to the world.

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